About us

Tehnotop System has made considerable progress over the years, being the first company in Romania to combine art and technology in the production of wrought iron elements.

Having the technical equipment necessary to produce series of wrought iron elements and assemblies, we can satisfy all the requirements regarding quality, quantity and diversity.

Professionalism, passion and knowledge in this field have pushed us and we are expanding to the European level. Our own distribution network, the best quality products, rigorous and careful execution recommend us to be among the best.


We are constantly expanding. We are looking for, researching and improving the range of products. In addition, we are open to challenges, because we can execute virtually any element or ensemble you need.

Our network of partners at national level includes the large networks of Do It Yourself stores, but also private partners, through which our products reach all parts of the country. If you are interested in collaborating, write to us.


We are the first company with fully Romanian capital producing wrought iron elements. We are present in store chains:

 DedemanLeroy MerlinHoorbacheMag

For all our products we offer the possibility of electrostatic painting in a wide range of colors, having at our disposal an ultra-performing electrostatic field painting line.


We offer cutting services in numerical control (CNC) with plasma jet. The plasma jet is used for cutting sheets with small and medium thicknesses, having the ability to cut the sheet with thicknesses between 1mm and 50mm. The numerical control allows the control on the precise movement of the cutting head in order to achieve complex models, with multiple circular or angular elements. Plasma jet cutting, making deep and clean cuts, is advantageous because it does not require further processing for the

parts performed. The use of compressed air in the plasma jet cutting process, instead of an inert gas, leads to a low cost price of debit operation.